Grooming Services for Senior and Special Needs Dogs

The tender loving grooming experience senior and special needs dogs must have to feel good.

Groomer Senior Dogs Blaine WA

Bring your senior dog to Canine Divine, where pampering and caring for your aging pup is our specialty.

Comfort and Care For Your Geriatric or Special Needs Dogs

While grooming makes for a pretty pup, it’s also an important part of maintaining your pet’s wellbeing. Old, young or disabled, all dogs truly appreciate the effects of grooming.

Grooming can actually promote better health in senior dogs. Aside from the obvious benefits of a little pampering, regular grooms can help your dog in many ways. A good bath will relieve those itchy areas they can’t reach. Regularly trimmed nails will help a dog with arthritic or joint problems feel better.

At Canine Divine our staff are skilled at knowing how to modify the grooming process to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for your aging pet. After leaving our spa, your dog will feel better than ever. 


Answers to Commonly Asked Questions.

Are there specific groomers at Canine Divine who have experience grooming older dogs?

All of our groomers have been trained to carefully handle senior and special needs dogs.

How often should I have my senior dog groomed?
We usually suggest that senior dogs get a cut specific to their needs. We try to give them haircuts to keep them comfortable and matt free. The length of time between appointments depends on each dog’s needs. We typically suggest 6 to 8 weeks.
Are there specific services you suggest for senior dogs?

Yes, we suggest senior dogs be groomed in our senior room where they can have a quiet and calm luxurious groom.