Luxury Grooming Services

Pick from our menu of speciality grooming services. Nails, fur coloring, body bling, skin care, we do it all.

Luxury Grooming Services Menu

Indulge in a Little Something Extra

Our full-service grooms include a comprehensive range of serives and are guarantee to leave you dog looking and feeling great. However, if you’re looking for something above and beyond the traditional, take a look at our Luxury Grooming Services menu.

Groomer for Dogs with Itchy Skin and Hot Spots Blaine

Hypoallergenic Soak

fragrance free, hypoallergenic bath. Perfect for dogs with sensitive skin or for those who suffer from skin allergies.

Treatments for Dry Brittle Dog Hair - Dog Grooming Service at Canine Divine Blaine

Medicated Skin Treatment

Perfect for itchy skin or hot spots. Use our high quality medicated shampoo or bring your perscription formula from your vet.

Paw Health Foot Soak Dog Groomer Blaine

Foot Soak

Does your dog suffer from tired achy feet; dry, brittle pads or stuck debris? If so, a foot soak will offer the relief he or she needs.

Groomer Brush Dogs Teeth Birch Bay

Teeth Brush

Gel-based toothpaste and brush. 30-minute coat reduces plaque build-up.

Luxury Grooming Services Blaine - Paint Dogs Nails

Nail Polish

Treat your pup to a puppy pedicure. Pick from a range of nail polish colors or bring in your own.

Luxury Grooming Services - Hair Dye for Dogs and Cats

Fur Coloring

Full-color or partial. Permenant, semi-permemant or quick wash-out. Wide range of colors to choose from.

We can do earrings and body bling on you pet

Body Bling

From earrings to body rhinestones, our pet body bling adhesives will have your pooch turning heads.

Pet Bling - Feather Extensions - Groomer Blaine

Feather Extensions

Looking for some flare for you pup? Add a feather with a bead and make your pup’s personality pop.


Answers to Commonly Asked Questions.

Can you help me determine if my pet would benefit from add-on treatments?
Yes, we would love to answer any questions you may have.