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At Canine Divine Pet Grooming Spa, all grooming services are customized and priced according to breed, size, coat condition and the individual needs of your pet.

Want an estimate for grooming service before booking? Contact us by clicking the "Get Grooming Quote" button below. Include a photo of your dog. It makes getting you an accurate quote easier. We'll get back to you within 24 hours with an estimate.

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Commonly Asked Grooming Questions

How do you handle dogs with extreme grooming anxiety?

We do our very best to assess your dog’s individual needs and address them in a loving and fear free way.

We will work only within your dog’s limits to make sure your anxious dog starts to build a level of trust with us that will hopefully grow with each visit.

Why does my dog get stains under the eyes, and how can I get rid of those stains?

Dog’s tears and saliva contain porphyrins (groups of organic compounds that occur in nature such as heme in red blood cells) which can stain light fur pink, red or brown. A great way to treat tear stains on white coats is to use a stain remover specifically designed for the eye area.

At home, keep the eye area as dry as possible, as dampness from the tear ducts can attract bacteria and enhance staining. If tear stains are a regular occurrence, it is a good idea to get your pet checked by a vet, as there could be a tear duct infection or a blockage.

Tear stain problems can also be the result of dietary issues. In this case, try a tear stain removal powder such as Eye Envy, made from a blend of herbs providing essential vitamins and minerals to help cleanse and boost your dog’s immune system for healthier, happier eyes.

Can I teach my dog to let me trim her nails?

Yes. With gentle loving care and patience you can work with your dog at home. Remember you are building a trusting relationship with your dog.

Give praise and treats during the training process. Depending on your dog’s response, you may want to start by doing one nail a day and work up as they get comfortable. Once you can do all nails, you can do them every week or as needed.